Everyone has a Romantic Side

Everywhere you go there is a romantic restaurant. I was just reading that no matter what there is a romantic taste for everyone. The Washington post did an article on romantic restaurants for everyone. Kate Nerenberg the author of this article was right when she said “everyone’s taste is different.” This article gives places to eat in DC, Maryland and even VA. She really narrows down the places that got put on the list to talk about based on taste buds. The worst thing is going somewhere and you don’t even like the food on the menu. In this article you will be able to find the perfect romantic restaurant based on your taste buds.

I know that sometimes you get in the mood to try something different I do it all the time. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what you were getting yourself into before you went there. I know I am a control freak. I want to the setting and what the places looks like. I have to know what is going to be on the menu and will I even like what they are serving? If you are anything like me or have someone who is anything like me then this would be a great article for you to read. Kate gives places to eat that are French restaurants and steak houses. I like how she really goes into detail about the restaurant though. I literally had everything I need right in front of me. I had the setting and the dress code and a little bit of what they will be serving there.

Its one thing to go somewhere underdressed and another to go overdressed. She describes what the restaurant is like. If it is laid back and casual or if it is upscale and dressy. It’s ok if you don’t know what to wear Kate gives you all the details in this article. In her article she states that, “For the laid-back and casual: With black-and-white family photos and deep-red walls, Cashion’s Eat Place in Adams Morgan has a vintage, neighborhood feel that’s hard to find in Washington. Chef John Manolatos’s menu, which is accented with his family’s Greek heritage, is comforting and accessible—we like the pork souvlaki, turbot with beurre blanc, and an appetizer sampler of Greek spreads.”

She gives the perfect romantic get away spots. It is actually making me want to tell my parents to go. The food sounds amazingly good and the setting just seems like somewhere you could fall in love all over again.

Everyone knows that a girl will fall in love with romance. The most that it take is knowing what she likes and dislikes. I promise you will find something she likes on this list. Kate Nerenberg does a really good job at breaking down the restaurants by taste and setting.


Romance in Baltimore While Eatting!

Ever thought that you would never find the best romantic place to eat for a cheap price? Did you ever want someone to just make a list so that it was easy for you to make a choice? Then, you don’t want to be picky, but you want them to at least be in Maryland! Then you are in luck.

The Baltimore Sun has a food critic that writes articles for them fulltime. Richard Gorelick wrote an article giving great suggestions of his top 10 list of cheap Romantic Places to eat. The locations of the restaurants are all around Maryland.

Included in his list is one restaurant that I have personally visited in Columbia, Maryland. Café de Paris is a non-expensive, very calm and relaxing place to dine with the most romantic feeling in the atmosphere. From the time you walk in the door to the time you leave you are pampered and waited on like kings and queens. They are a great restaurant to eat at.

If you are from Towson, he has listed the Orchard Market & Café. I was sold as soon as he said that this particular restaurant was BYOB. This is an easy way to save money and have a great time. I would love to not have to send a drink back because it’s not strong enough or it’s not sweet enough. I mean it would be lovely to be able to walk in the restaurant of my choice and be able to bring my own drink! At least this way you will never have to worry about waiting for someone to come get your drink order. This restaurant is also Persian. I have never had Persian food before so to me this would be a great experience.

If you like these restaurants and you like to travel you would love to go to DC. There is a spot there called Stan’s. Now, it is a little less on the romantic side, but if your significant other is anything like me a romantic get-away is something laid back and somewhere you can dance and have dinner. Stan’s is just that. I love the wings there and then I can have a nice cold tall drink with my wings. My boyfriend took me there and I feel in love…with the place J, I was already in love with him!

Sherwood Gardens, The Perfect get Away!

Sometimes you just want to do it yourself. Other times you want someone to do it for you. Sometimes either way is not a bad idea especially when you are trying not to break the bank. If you do everything yourself I believe a woman looks at that being more romantic then anything in the world. I guess the next question you are asking is where do I go? I know, it has to be beautiful, mind blowing.

 Sherwood Gardens is the most romantic and beautiful space. It allows for anyone and everyone to come and enjoy themselves. In the 1800’s the property in which the gardens are located right now was the property of the founder of the Baltimore Sun. You don’t even have to pay to have your wedding there, although they are very strict on what you can and cannot do, if you are looking to have a small get together in the most romantic place that you can Sherwood Gardens is the most recommended spot to go to. There are a lot of reviews from what people say about the gardens. From what I hear they are great! The comments that people left were really promising.People knew exactly what they wanted and they said that they got what they were looking for right at Sherwood Gardens. I know that I don’t trust everything and everyone that comments on these blog posts, but this was so good I had no choice but to believe what people were saying about it!

Just think of how romantic it would be if you adopted a plot for the one you love. Just think if you could have your wedding in this beautiful place. Just imagine having a picnic in all the tulips and flowers. Being able to walk hand in hand and talk in the sunset, with food that you prepared. Guess what the best part is, you don’t have to pay to have a picnic there or to just take a stroll around the property. How much are you saving by doing this? You probably save a fortune. I would love to go there one day! The photos they have are amazing! Please take a look at them, they will really have you in the mood to just go check it out one day.

The Most Romantic Places

The Washington Post gives the best ideas and places for someone to go have a great romantic night out. Have you ever wanted to go out on a romantic date and not break the bank? I know that there are times when I want to settle down with my boyfriend and go have some fun, but then I look at my bank account and have a heart attack at what I see, then I am left with trying to fix something up at the house. I hate that and I know I am not the only one.

In this article, The Washington Post gives pictures and descriptions of the best places in Maryland to eat. They explain one place that I feel would blow everyone’s mind away. I know I would love to have candle light and a private area. I would love to have anything on the menu and only pay $45 a person. That is something I can afford. Have you ever heard of Blue Duck Tavern? The Washington Post gives a great description and picture of how romantic and clean it is. Trying to pop the big question and need ideas as to where to do it? I promise you will not be disappointed if you read more of the article.

Here in Baltimore there are a few great places that have something along those lines. Maybe not the whole candle light aspect of the entire romance of the night, but at $50 a person and all you can eat meat, for the meat lovers, Fogo de Chao is the best spot in my opinion to go to in Baltimore. You really have to be a meat lover to go here. It is a really upscale type of restaurant though. You see a lot of people getting engaged in here. I think almost every time I go I see someone being proposed to. It is really romantic. Of course the name kind of throws you off a little bit. It is a french restaurant and you can order something else off of the menu. The only upsetting part about this place is if you don’t finish your food you cannot take it home with you, but hey they would be losing out! It’s all you can eat!

Healthier Food in Baltimore

Everyone loves to eat those great deserts that have your mouth watering for more after just one bite. We all know how fatty and bad those deserts are for our body! What if you could eat as much as you want and not gain all that unwanted weight? Well, Baltimore is trying to come up with a plan to make to make those great deserts that everyone loves so much better for our bodies. Baltimore is known for great food like its blue crab and its crab cakes or just seafood in general. Mayor Stephanie-Rawlings Blake is trying to make sure that no matter what and where we are eating in Baltimore we are eating healthy and safe.

In the video the Mayor of Baltimore talks about how concerned she is for everyone’s health. She wants everyone to know how concerned she is about her people. I believe that she is on a roll with the food here. We fry a lot of our food. We need someone to step up and give us healthier food because we are not going to try it on our own. In this article/video, the Mayor takes a good look into what she is going to do to make the food healthier. She even gave the presentation in downtown Baltimore at the Lexington market. This place alone is known for its great seafood and crab cakes. I know personally I visit the Lexington market every weekend and I eat a lot of unhealthy food only because it is right in front of me.

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